About Us

 Who Are We and What Do We Do? 

Global Sailing Academy is a family run Sailing Centre, active since 2009 and is based in the Gulf of Gökova – Turkey. It operates out of the village of Karacasöğüt- Marmaris. Global Sailing Academy aims to introduce people to the world of sailing and help them develop into competent, confident seamen and sailors. Global Sailing Academy runs 3 types of sailing courses. Sailing summer camp for 8-18 year olds in the summer months (Turkish Sailing Federation’s certificate program), Introduction to sailing programs (using keelboats), Sail Cruising courses (Turkish Sailing Federation’s certificate Program & R.Y.A. Scheme). While students who attend the TYF courses are mainly of Turkish Nationality the RYA Scheme’s students are English speaking people from Europe and mainly from the U.K.